Because the Council’s responsibilities are quite varied it also appoints Committees and Working Groups to consider particular aspects of its workload.  All of these report back to the Parish Council and the minutes of all these meetings are presented to the Council for acceptance.  There are currently five such Committees and Working Groups:

Committee Membership 2017

1.   Village Hall – this deals with all aspect of the day to day operation of the Village Hall, from bookings to maintenance.  Recommendations are forwarded on to the Council for determination.

Membership of this Committee is: Councillors V Adams, G McIntyre and W McIntyre, Emma Clayton, together with two non-parish councillors, namely Janet Clarke and Nancy Vigrass.

Village Hall Management Committee – Terms of Reference

8th November 2017
16th August 2017
24th October 2016
20th June 2016
23rd March 2016
17th February 2016
25th November 2015
28th October 2015
23th September 2015

2.   Environment – the Parish Council carries out grounds maintenance work through its contractor to areas and planters in the village and is responsible for the floral displays.  It also lets out allotment plots at its site on Gresty Lane.

The Committee also used to run the annual Best Kept Gardens competition in the Parish, but participation in this has declined and in 2016 it was replaced with the Best-Dressed House at Christmas. This was successful and will be repeated in December 2017.  The Committee will judge the displays and will recommend a first and second prize winner to the Parish Council for determination.

Membership of this Committee is: Councillors V Adams, Emma Clayton, W McIntyre, Peter Yoxall.

Environment Committee – Terms of Reference

3.   Finance – this is responsible for developing the annual budget proposals, checking progress on expenditure against budget, and preparing the accounts for annual audit.  Its recommendations are presented to the Parish Council for consideration and adoption before they are actioned.  Membership of this Committee is: Councillors W Cooper, K Gibbs, G McIntyre, W McIntyre and P Yoxall

Finance Committee – Terms of Reference

31st October 2017

4.   Planning – this meets on an ad-hoc basis to consider planning applications where timescales for submission of comments to Cheshire East Council falls before the next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council.  It has delegated responsibility to submit comments on behalf of the Parish Council.

Membership of this Committee is: Councillors M Ferguson, R Hancock, G McIntyre, W McIntyre.

Planning Committee – Terms of Reference

5.   Complaints – this meets on an ad-hoc basis as and when required to consider any complaint concerning the administration or procedures of the Council.

Membership of this Committee is: Councillors G McIntyre, W McIntyre and P Yoxall, with Councillors R Hancock and A Yoxall acting as substitutes.

Complaints Committee – Terms of Reference

6.   Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Membership of this Committee is: Councillors E Ankers, B Gibbs, K Gibbs and R Hancock, together with up to 20 non-parish councillors.

14th November 2016
19th October 2016
10th October 2016
26th September 2016
12th September 2016
22nd August 2016
18th July 2016
20th June 2016
16th May 2016
16th March 2016

7.  Communications

4th October 2017

Vacancy – Parish Councillor (November 2017)

Chairman of the Parish Council

Councillor Bill Cooper

Clerk to the Parish Council

Village Hall Bookings

Councillor Bill McIntyre

Annual Report

Parish Council Annual Report